IMPACT BARNET is an independent youth charity established in 2015, which works to empower young people to create positive changes in behaviour.  Our aim is to support young people to build positive relationships with peers, family members and others within their community, increasing their opportunities to succeed both in and out of school.

Impact Barnet provides tailored support to meet the needs of the young person both within their school and home environments, through 1:1 sessions or therapeutic group work.  We believe that some support is better than no support, even when young people require more specialised services. Therefore we offer a flexible referral process to enable young people with varying needs to access support even if this is in the interim to more specialised services.  In such situations a transitional period is always offered, and if appropriate support can be continued.


Although we predominantly work with the young person, we also offer to support them within the family unit. We work closely with school staff to enable us to tailor both our support of the young person and of the school itself.  Our work often requires a responsive approach, and therefore we offer flexiblility in how we carry out our work, adapting to the needs of the young people, their families, the schools and the services we work with.  We work closely with both statutory and voluntary organisations working with young people. 

Although Impact Barnet was established as an independent charity in 2015, we originally started in 2012 as the Friern Barnet Youth Project, under the umbrella of St John's Parish Church, and with funding support from John Lyon's Charity. Over the past 9 years, we have grown from having one part-time youth worker, to now having three part-time staff, a dedicated board of trustees consisting of professionals from varying backgrounds, and the assistance of dedicated volunteers. John Lyon's Charity has also provided further funding to Impact Barnet, which has been fundamental to the growth of the charity.