Equal Opportunities Policy

IMPACT BARNET celebrates and welcomes rather than tolerates diversity in our organisation and in society as a whole. Thus it is therefore committed to proactive equal opportunities and welcomes all people, with a positive view of age, caring responsibilities, gender, disability, racial/ethnic origin, religion, HIV status or other health-related reason, sexual orientation or socio-economic background, as Employees, Committee Members and Volunteers.

● IMPACT BARNET will not tolerate any breaches of this Policy and will endeavour to ensure that all its activities and other policies are in accordance with this policy.

● IMPACT BARNET recognises and accepts its obligations under current discrimination legislation.

● IMPACT BARNET accepts that there is a need to understand what discrimination is, admit it exists and be able to recognise it in all its forms. It accepts that it is possible for individuals, policies and structures to be unintentionally discriminatory or offensive and accepts that such attitudes and structures must be challenged.

● IMPACT BARNET will proactively promote an environment that treats all people with dignity and respect and provides equality of opportunity to people of any gender, age, religious beliefs, caring responsibilities, racial/ethnic origins, disability, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.

● IMPACT BARNET aims to nurture an environment of equality of opportunity in employment. Interviews for employment and voluntary work will take place in accordance with Equal Opportunities. Internal and external job applications and appointments and staff retention will be monitored.

● In order to make physical environments and services accessible to all, IMPACT BARNET will strive to make relevant adaptations and provide appropriate resources.

● IMPACT BARNET aims to ensure that all its staff and volunteers understand and are committed to the promotion of Equal Opportunities from the time of appointment. IMPACT BARNET will ensure employees understand their responsibilities under legislation and government guidelines, by providing on-going training and development opportunities.

● IMPACT BARNET will undertake Equal Opportunities monitoring. This will assist in measuring the effectiveness of the Policy as well as identify training needs, gaps in service and review of practices.

● IMPACT BARNET recognises the need to have support mechanisms for those who have been or may be subjected to discrimination or harassment and will endeavour to provide such services.

● IMPACT BARNET will avoid entering into contracts, partnerships or agreements with individuals, groups or organisations when it is aware that any of their policies or practices contravenes the Equal Opportunities policy of the organisation.


IMPACT BARNET accepts responsibility under legislation for the actions of employees and responsibility for any practices, policies or procedures that may be found to be unintentionally discriminatory and will strive to ensure that this is eradicated. It welcomes the input of staff, volunteers, committee members and users to bring this to the attention of the organisation.

Equal Opportunities Policy Last Reviewed: Jan 2022 Date of next review Jan 2023